Three Types of Covers for Boats

If you are an owner or a boat, then protecting it is one of the jobs you cannot forget about. You need to be concerned about its functionality as well as its durability. Using proper protection method can save your craft from damages by water and sun. But before you get to protection supplies it is important to know the types of covers available out there. Take a look at the three types described below.

Bimini Tops

This is an open front canvas that can be used for the cockpit of a boat. They are usually supported by a metal frame, and are free standing structures that can be attached to the craft. Most of Bimini tops are removable and therefore they can be used when there is too much of sunlight and be removed when you want to. These type of boat covers can only be used for sunlight however, and there will be no protection from the rain or the wind or even water spray if you are moving in high speed. This is because the top is set up overhead of the cockpit and the sides will still be uncovered. Rain protection therefore is only when the craft is not moving. Tops offer a large number of colour choices for your preference and also can be personalized according to your reference.

Convertible Tops

The convertible tops are almost similar to the one you use in cars and other automobiles. The covers are designed to attach to the windshield of the craft and stretch all the way to the back. Therefore, convertible tops can shield the entire boat unlike Bimini tops, and is especially useful when there is rain or water spray. Convertible tops, just like Bimini tops can be personalized according to the craft’s requirements. Most tops are being customized to fit one boat, so that it fit the exact needs of the craft. You can either get one designed to shield your craft from the spray when you are speed travelling or get another made with a little bit of a height to add more space inside the craft.

Mooring Covers

These are mainly used for storing boats and are the type of tops that are perfect if you need to leave the craft in water and still keep it shielded and safe from bad weather, dirt, wind and other damages. This is a cover designed with a strong durable canvas that can shield the entire craft; stretched on top tightly and over the sides. This is an ideal cover if you want to stop water colleting inside the boat. There are some models of this type that can be used for towing so that you can protect your craft even during travel.

Now that you know the types of covers that are available in the market you can choose what you need the most. Always remember that one type is not better than the other as they are designed for different specific purposes. Therefore, when selecting it’s important to remember the need of your craft.

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