Should You Stick With Your Old Car Or Get A New One?

The question that everyone inevitably stumbles upon at one point or the one is ‘should I stick to my old car or should I get a brand new one?’ Everyone arrives at this question for various reasons. For example, you might ponder this if you’ve just paid another expensive repair bill because your old car broke down for the second time within the same month. Or perhaps you were looking at your car a while ago and you hated how outdated it looked.

Regardless, this isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly and your choice should depend on several different factors. Take into consideration the following before you decide on what to do:

Is The Maintenance Cost Really Bad?

Is your old car a piece of junk that breaks down on you every single month? If so what does the maintenance expense average out to each month? If it equals to or comes close to a monthly instalment on a brand new car, then perhaps it is time to get rid of your old car.

However, if your average monthly maintenance bill is nowhere near what it would cost to pay for a new car, then it might not be necessary to swap cars just yet.

Does It Stress You Out?

Following the earlier example, while you might not be directly saving any of that money by getting a brand new car, you might be saving yourself a lot of time and even mental stress. An old car might give you lot of anxiety especially if it breaks down a lot. You might find that you’re afraid to drive anywhere for fear of your car suddenly breaking down in the middle of the road. In this case, a brand new car might just be what you need.

You could prevent any car from getting to this state by performing the right preventive maintenance. By keeping your old car in perfect health, you don’t have to be forced to buy a new car in order to feel at peace.

Do You Hate How It Looks?

If the look of your old car makes you feel constantly embarrassed then you might want to get a new car, especially if you can afford it. However there’s so much you can do that could make any aged car looking brand new. For example, you could get some polishing products and give it a nice glossy coat. In addition, a regular cleaning schedule will ensure that your car is always free from dirt, grime and rust.

Is Your Old Car Still Safe?

You might think of buying a brand new car in order to take advantage of modern safety features such as a reverse camera. However think about whether you could have features like this installed into your current car. If your car can be made significantly safer with a few upgrades, then it might make more sense to stick with it, especially if safety is your primary concern.

In addition to the factors listed above, you obviously want to consider whether you can afford a brand new car. By considering each of these points, you can rest easy knowing that whatever decision you make afterwards will be the right one.

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