How To Find Good Student Accommodation

It can be a little scary, leaving home and family and friends and exploring the world beyond that. New people, new place and new ideas. It can take some time getting used to the environment, accommodation is the first step. To make it as smooth as possible look into your options and check them out.

Sorting out your living arrangements before you join the university is absolutely crucial. Explore the different varieties of student accommodations and decide which one is the right one for you. If you don’t like to stay alone, make a friend and become roommates.

Explore Your Options

Experts believe that finding and finalizing accommodation for university is the most exciting and terrifying step. Therefore it has to be taken while your adrenaline rush is in control, in simple do not make hasty decisions. If you are shifting states then maybe you could visit it beforehand and finalize your accommodation or else book it via a reliable source.

Make sure your residence is closer to your university, that way you can save traveling time and costs.

Before everything, check the location and confirm admission with your university. Once the process is done you need to decide on the type of accommodation you wish to live in.

Halls Of Residence

The halls of residence are blocks of flats with individually furnished bedrooms organized along the corridors. The corridors may occasionally include an apartment or two with a common kitchen or bathroom or en-suite. Hundreds of students prefer residing in these halls.

These are managed by the university and private companies that are in partnership with it. The overall quality is good and generally maintained because national rules and regulations must be abided.

Rooms can be booked online via the university website. Most universities guarantee a place for first years and international postgraduates. They are especially popular among students who have come far away from home for the first time. Most students are charged rent and must pay the bills.  Extra facilities like internet and television connection cost extra.

It is typically located within the university premises and is maintained therefore good quality is promised. The bedrooms are usually small, and all facilities are available onsite. It is also a great way to make friends and enhance your social life.

Private Rented Accommodation

If you prefer living on private premises then you may have to save up some money. Private accommodation can accommodate up to 5 people, therefore you can easily split up the rent and bills to make things easier. You can find Geelong accommodation that fits your criteria best.

This path is popularly followed by second years and first years as well. One advantage is getting to choose whom you want to live with. This way you can move in with your friends and make your social life better. Another advantage is that you will have more choice over where you want to live. You will probably find a place a little further away from university, but you will find many restaurant and bar options.

Before you sign any contract. Read it twice and make sure all tenants know what the contract includes. If it is done the right way then no hassles in the future.

If your home is closer to the university then you need not worry about the above options. But if you aren’t then carefully consider before jumping to conclusions.


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