Fun Water Activities You Shouldn’t Miss When in Australia

Australia is well known for its stunning beaches and during summer months, lots of tourists and locals flock to enjoy the glory of Aussie summer. There are plenty of fun things you can do to enjoy the warm sunshine on your skin. Whether it’s your first time visit or already a returnee, here are the best water activities you should never miss to get the most out of your vacation in Australia.


Surfing is on the top list of the most popular water activities in Australia. If you’re not a surfer yet wanted to learn the basics, you can have the best surf lessons by the beaches of this country. There are plenty of beautiful beaches here with waves that are perfect for beginners and expert surfers alike. Plus, you get to feast your eyes on the breathtaking views as you surf.

For beginners, Byron Bay is a great spot to practice your surfing skills. It has smaller breaks that are safe if you’re just learning how to surf. There are also numerous surfing schools around the area so it’s easy to get an instructor. Manly Beach is a popular spot for expert surfers and even tourists who just love to visit the ocean. It gets crowded on summer months so it’s better to visit other beaches if you don’t like a busy one.


For those who love calm sea activities, try fishing in the Australian seas. It is a perfect recreational activity for families or even solo travellers who want to relax and enjoy the view of the ocean. The famous barramundi fish can be found in the Australian seas. Experience the fun of Barra fishing in Darwin and other popular fishing charters in Australia.


Do you love exploring underwater sights and marine life? Try snorkelling instead. The Great Barrier Reef is a must-visit attraction. It is located off the coast of Queensland and stretches for about 2,600 kilometres. Although there are some parts that are closed off for tourists, the other parts are a marvellous sight to see. Clovelly is also a popular snorkelling spot where you can observe different fish species native in Australian waters.


If you love underwater adventures but don’t like getting wet, hop on a mini submarine and explore the depths of Australian seas. You get to choose whether you want to take a day or night tour. However, only 3 people can fit in the submarine and that includes the pilot.

Scuba Diving

Do you want more underwater sights that will blow your mind? Scuba diving is a great activity for you. Visit Ningaloo Reef and witness well preserved coral reefs and marine life. Be thrilled as you get to swim with manta rays and whale sharks. Tasmania’s Kelp Forests are a sight to behold so never miss your chance to visit them.

Don’t waste the summer days by simply lying around the beach and topping of your tan. Be active and explore the many wonders of Australia.

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